You all look the same to me
Your butt, Wesker's butt, how nice Weskers' butts are

Scars, gingerbread man cookies, and TDWP :D

This is how I look when I drag myself into work every morning.

All too often I go to browse the ‘Chris Redfield’ tag and get a bunch of penis in return.


Never been happier about my name.


jake—muller replied to your post:

Sexy cougar~

Jake, we’re practically the same age….

You’ve been working with Leon for years now, which means no, we’re not.

You’re sexy and smart, and that’s what I like about you. *pecks her on the cheek*


Also I must apologize for my mun’s art style she can never draw me right.


This looks entertaining. *Brings popcorn.*

There is porn all over my dash, and my name was in the tags.

Hunnigan, we need to talk.